After talking with many designers, it became clear that the number one fear of freelancing is money. Many wonder if they’ll make enough, while others have no idea how to talk about project costs with potential clients. That’s why we’re here to help! This mini course will first walk you through an in-depth pricing worksheet, which helps calculate what you should be making. From there, we’ll cover project pricing, fixed fees vs. hourly rates, and top it off with tactics for discussing pricing like a pro. The whole money thing becomes easier over time, we promise. But this will definitely help get you on your way!

Now I feel like I can confidently determine my prices without feeling like I’m just pulling numbers out of thin air! Thank you SO much for sharing this formula with us. It’s seriously a game changer, maybe even a life changer!” – Devan D.


Here’s what you can expect
  • access to our comprehensive pricing calculator and worksheet
  • tips for pricing your services and learning your worth
  • advice for when to charge hourly and when to use fixed fees
  • podcast with pricing stories and insight from both Jen and Bre
  • the knowledge to talk about pricing like a PRO
  • access to our mini courses private facebook group