Business Practices


As some of you may have already discovered, running your own business requires you to wear many hats. Sure, your creativity may be the driving factor behind why you do what you do, but you’ll also find yourself managing a lot more than design. To help ease you into business mode, this mini course will walk you through the typical life of a project by covering proposals, smart negotiation, contracts, general process, project management, and invoicing. Being a talented creative is one thing, but having a good process and business sense is just as important. So let’s focus on that!


Here’s what you can expect
  • advice for landing a new client
  • project proposal and invoicing templates
  • smart negotiation tactics
  • what to include in a contract as well as important clauses designers should consider
  • tips for keeping clients on track
  • advice for getting paid on time
  • behind the scenes screencast of how we handle project management
  • access to our mini courses private facebook group